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It can be very difficult to locate reliable service professionals in our area. However, now you can find them with a little help from our neighbors! If you have had a painter, landscaper, plumber, electrician or other service performed by a dependable professional (except of course, other realtors), please post their name and contact information as a recommendation to others in the neighborhood who may require their excellent services. This will serve as a compliment to the exceptional work they have done for you and will help others who may not know a reliable service professional.
Things Your Lender May not tell you
If the value of your home has dropped so that you owe more on the mortgage than the house is worth, there are many options you may take advantage of to: (1) stop the foreclosure process; (2) modify your loan terms; (3) reduce your monthly payments; and (4) save your home. If the foreclosure clock has started because your lender has given you a Notice of Default, get immediate legal advice to determine and evaluate your rights and options before the bank foreclosures on your home and evicts you from the property.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may allow you to keep your home by (1) preventing your lender from foreclosing; (2) requesting the bankruptcy judge to remove 2nd and 3rd loans from your property; (3) giving you time to negotiate with your 1st trust deed lender for new loan terms; (4) reducing your outstanding debts; and (5) increasing your ability to make your mortgage payments.
Debt Settlement is an alternative to bankruptcy. Many unsecured lenders, including credit card companies, doctors and medical service providers will agree to reduce the principal amount of your debts to help you avoid bankruptcy.
Free Consultation. The attorneys at Green & Campbell are dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards, and fighting for our clients. If you would like additional information about your legal options, please give me a call or send me an email to schedule a free no obligation consultation or to make a reservation for one of our community seminars.
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