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It can be very difficult to locate reliable service professionals in our area. However, now you can find them with a little help from our neighbors! If you have had a painter, landscaper, plumber, electrician or other service performed by a dependable professional (except of course, other realtors), please post their name and contact information as a recommendation to others in the neighborhood who may require their excellent services. This will serve as a compliment to the exceptional work they have done for you and will help others who may not know a reliable service professional.
Septic Tank Replacement and Leach System Repair
Before you need an excavator to replace your septic system or even worse your leach system, take a moment to read this article!
An inefficient septic system could jeopardize the safety of your leach field. Owners of septic have a strong vested interest in ensuring that their waste water treatment system and their neighbors' systems are built to code and properly maintained. Because septic systems are out of sight, many homeowners rarely think about them. One-third of all American homes use on-site waste water treatment systems. Waste water can be treated thoroughly and safely using an on-site septic system.
The holidays are right around the corner, no one wants to think of their sewage backing up - but when was the last time you had your system checked or pumped? Can your septic system cope with peak demands when you entertain or the family comes to stay? Was your septic system designed for a smaller home? Have you added more fixtures to your home without regard to the need to increase your septic size? Two other factors can cause problems, especially if the septic system is undersized:
With overload, waste water gets to the leach field before the settling out of solid waste in the septic tank. As a result, particles clog up the holes in the drain-field pipes and build up extra pressure on the holes that remain open. More flow, through fewer drain holes, produces more liquid than the soils can treat. The result can be contaminants moving to the ground water and the situation may go unnoticed for years.
If the solid material is not removed from a septic tank the result can be clogging in parts of the drain field. There can be a real risk of environmental degradation, such as nitrates moving to aquifers, streams and lakes.
If your septic has not been pumped out in the last five years, NOW is the time to check it. The cost of just pumping will vary (usually between $400 and $600) according to the amount of digging to find the tank, the volume pumped and the distance of your home from the disposal site.
Layne Bell who owns Layne's Pumping has built a great reputation by providing fast and efficient septic tank inspections and pumping. Layne can be reached at:
(805) 644-4383.
Larry Abel, a longtime excavation operator , has installed and repaired hundreds of septic systems, leach lines and seepage pits in Santa Rosa Valley. Larry has always provided the lowest price and best installation and repair service for Santa Rosa Valley residents - his competitors have quoted thousands higher than his prices which are still reasonable due to the fact that he owns his own equipment. Larry can be reached at: (805) 320-2500.
Please, for your sake, as well as our water supply, take a moment to remember the last time you had your septic tank pumped and think about having it inspected at the same time.
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