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by Michael Blakely
I am curious if it is common to start counting the time we have left when you hit the age of forty nine as I did. For most of my teenage and adult years I enjoyed working out in the gym. I believe at that time the motivation was looking good with my shirt off as I was single until the age of thirty eight. Thinking back, I didnít care as much about food as I do now and could eat whatever I wanted with no repercussions.
Being married now going on twelve wonderful years with a house full of kids you tend to look for a little rest and relaxation whenever the opportunity presents itself. Rather than using my personal time for something productive, I found myself sitting on the couch watching a movie or taking a nap. After 40 when you combine couch sitting with poor eating habits, you end up with pounds that were never there before.
At forty nine I decided to do something about it with a goal in mind of getting back into shape by the time I hit fifty. I started hitting the gym once or twice a week for several months. Some of you may have seen me walking the Hidden Meadows circle or heard your dogs barking very early in the morning as I passed by your house. I got up to 3 trips around and an occasional 4th a few times a week, but I just wasnít getting out of it what I expected for the effort I thought I was putting into it. As I got closer to my 50th Birthday and did not seem to be meeting my goal, I got frustrated and started giving up.
I hit 50 years back in September 2009. I was still going to the gym once or twice a week and noticed a trainer there that stood out from the rest with some very unique routines. One day I called Karl over to talk and ended up scheduling a one hour work out the following day. Ever since the first day I worked with Karl Knuth I have had a completely different attitude to getting healthy. I have worked out with many different trainers over the years and never have I met someone with so much energy, zest, information & experience to pass on. Karl is an undiscovered talent that should be training the rich and famous and I am sure will be doing just that someday soon.
I am now working out with Karl two times a week and using the routines he has taught me another four days a week. I am following his suggestions and guidance on diet & eating as well. Most of all, my outlook, energy and motivation have changed which has made the difference I have been looking for in my weight and body. I can now get out of the shower and not shake my head in self disappointment while looking in the mirror. I owe my new found motivation and enthusiasm to Mr. Karl Knuth. I have also set a new goal for myself of 51 years old and I am more than confident that I will make it this time.
If any of you would like information on Karl Knuth before some celebrity grabs him up feel free to contact me at 805-491-2656 or Karl can be reached directly at (805) 807-6568 or email at You will not be disappointed!
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